Angry Lioness

I can totally sympathize with the women who have murdered their husbands in their sleep. Seriously.

My husband has been up for a good couple of hours now and all he’s done is watch TV. I went and paid a couple bills, came home and rested for a bit then went on to do the dishes and clean the stove top while listening to my music. He sat on the couch and watched TV.

My hands started aching from the hard scrubbing (I made Cream of Wheat this morning with milk and it boiled over…oops) I managed to get my dishes done, put the burners in the sink to soak and cleaned the top of the stove to the best of my ability. The stove top needs to be lifted and the underside cleaned and the burners need to be scrubbed. Instead of roaring at my husband like some blood thirsty lioness, I tried to be playful. I got him to high five me and once he did I said, “Tag team! You’re it! Your turn!” and went out the room to sit down.


He came in and got pissy because I didn’t just ask him to do it. I’m sitting here baffled because he’s actually complaining that I approached him in a playful manner rather than something much, much worse. And now he’s just sitting on the couch watching more fucking TV!! What the fuck do I have to do? He saw my letter. I talked with him about how I feel like I’m drowning and he’s just gonna sit there.

I understand he works, but he gets to leave work. I live at my job and, frankly, the pay sucks. Plus, he doesn’t have to work tonight because he has a gun shoot tomorrow morning. SO why can’t he help me?

It’s situations like this that infuriate and wound me. I can’t say anything though or else it will turn into another argument. I rub the man’s foot when I can not stand even looking at feet, I serve him dinner, make his lunch for work I help him with his stupid cards, I care for the kids…. seriously I’m going to go insane. Littlest barely has any time with me because I’m almost always doing something and when I’m able to sit down I don’t want to pick him up because I don’t want to be used as a jungle gym. Sissy and Bubby fight for my attention all the damn time. There just is not enough of me to go around. I’m seriously considering the life of a polygamist. I need some sister wives or something. Shit.



3 thoughts on “Angry Lioness

  1. Been there… Just keep talking to him. Maybe sit down and try to explain it again calmly… I honestly believe, it takes a couple of attempts for them to realize how bad it actually is. And never forget: What they do now is imprinted. It is taught by their mom’s… and like muscle memory, it is hard to reprogram… Step by step… Maybe ask him, if he could take over one task and then add one on a couple of days or weeks later. One by one…

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