There’s Nothing More Peaceful than a Sleeping Baby

Twice today my littlest fell asleep in my arms. Once after lunch and once after dinner. I love it when he falls asleep in my arms. I wish I could just stay there and hold him, but both times I had to put him to bed because I had things I needed to get done.

After all was said and done, I sneaked….snuck…no sneaked into my boys’ room and watched both of them as they slept. Littlest (I think I’ll call him that from now on in my blog) had rolled away from his blanket and even though I have the heater on his toes were still little ice cubes. So I quietly went to his crib and gingerly put his blanket back on him then his eyes popped open. Quick as a frightened bunny I did the only logic thing one would do in this situation; I dropped to the floor and shimmied halfway under his crib.

Too afraid to breathe I held my breath as long as I could. Finally I slowly exhaled and waited. I heard no whimpering, just a little bit of movement. I waited another minute or two then carefully peaked over the crib. He was back asleep so I carefully placed my hand on the dresser to hoist myself off my knees (something that is just not easy for me to do) and as I’m straightening up Littlest lifts his head. What did I do after that you ask? Well the only sane thing one can do; I dropped back to the floor.

As I was hunched over on the floor begging for him to just drift off to sleep again I thought to myself; Why am I so worried about him seeing me? Well, he’d end up crying which would probably wake up Bubby (his older brother), then he would cry and I’d have two kiddos taking up my evening “me time”…. yeah I’m just gonna stay right here until he sleeps. I love snuggles, but I also love my “me time” so I waited and he did go back to sleep with no clue I was right beside his bed.

Finally I was able to get up and I made my way over to Bubby and he had gotten out from under his blanket as well and his feet were hanging between the bars of his crib. Oi vay. So I put his legs back inside and placed his blanket over him. He’s my heavy sleeper so I could shake his crib and he wouldn’t flinch. Anyway, I watched him for a bit as he slept. He’s grown so much. They all have. Sissy (my four year old girl) is taller than any other four year old I’ve met lol.

They are just growing so fast and I’m trying so hard to enjoy all these little moments. Littlest has been weened for a week and a half now and I think that’s making me a bit sad. I’m happy to have a little more freedom, but I’m sad because I miss that bonding. There is nothing like the bonding breastfeeding give mother and baby. Whew so anyway, I’m gonna end this before I get all teary eyed.

Crap, too late.


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