Wrote a Letter to My Husband

This letter was not a sweet love letter. It was a rant. I was so frustrated and it just boiled over. It wasn’t a mean, nasty letter though, just a cry for help. Literally.

I wrote it in the midst of my anger. I know, I know, that’s a no-no, but my hands found a pen and paper soon followed and next thing I knew I wrote a letter and before I could second guess myself, I put it in his office and shut the door.


I put the letter out of my mind because he needed to read what I had to say. I worried how he would react because he doesn’t do well when it comes to feelings. Surprisingly he reacted better than I expected. The letter seemed to help some (that’s assuming he could actually read it [I have messy handwriting that only gets worse when I’m upset]).

Tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to improve what we effed up today.


7 thoughts on “Wrote a Letter to My Husband

      1. …to an extent lol. This one was a little unfiltered, but that’s because it wasn’t an “I hate you” letter, it was an plea so not a whole lot of filter was needed, but yes, writing it out keeps me from saying something I immediately wish I could take back

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  1. I typically do the same with my boyfriend or my parents. Sometimes the feelings come through better on paper…

    The anticipation of the reaction can be unnerving but it usually ends well…

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    1. Unnerving is putting it mildly (in my case) I always over think things and expect the worst, and some of my letters have ended in very negative ways (not with my husband, but with others)

      It does feel remarkably good to just get it out on paper, even if it never makes it to the person it was written to.


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