Troubles with My Littlest

I took my littlest one to the doctor today. He’s fallen below the growth chart for his weight. All my kids have been “problem children” in this department because they’re tall and skinny and were mostly breastfed. My supply has never been very good so I’d have to supplement formula. Anyway, as for my little guy’s weight he’s a bit different than the others. He’ll eat whatever I give him pretty much whenever I give it to him. It seems like he’s always hungry and he poops 5-6 times a freaking day! So I’m like, what the heck?

The doctor’s thoughts are that his body isn’t absorbing the necessary amount of nutrients from what he’s eating which accounts for both the lack of weight gain and numerous poops.

I feel so terrible. Am I doing something wrong? I give him 3-4 bottles a day (4-6oz) and I feed him 3 times a day with snacks in between. This kid is eating all the time. This stresses me out so bad, I always feel like I’m failing my kids in one way or another.

Other than his low weight though, his doctor says clearly a happy and healthy baby. Hopefully we’ll get answers soon so we can get his weight up.

The icing on the cake of all this mess, he got three shots today 😥 one of which being the flu shot and I think it’s making him not feel so good. *sigh* poor, sweet boy.


4 thoughts on “Troubles with My Littlest

  1. I get concerned how much emphasis docs put on this chart, you know? If a kid is happy and healthy, it seems wild to me they’ll point to that as a potential problem. I think it’s because folks drawn to medicine are scientists who want to be able to quantify things, but man … people aren’t algorithms, and attempting to quantify these things creates issues where they needn’t be!

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    1. My kids are like spider monkeys. They’re tall and thin so it’s not fair to compare them to the child that’s short and rolly polly. I totally agree with you. When my daughter was little the doctors made me feel like I was neglecting her because she was not a big weight gainer. It’s extremely upsetting and frustrating.


  2. Honestly, being tall and skinny is not the issue here. Going poop 5-6 times a day is a concern. His body’s lack of nutritional absorbency isn’t your fault. Just because you gave him your genetics doesn’t automatically make all his internal problems your fault. It just means he’s human and like the rest of us will have to deal with being human. We’re not all perfect. We all have some “quirky defect.” Some get cancer, some get missing limbs, depression, migraines, heart problems, spinal problems, etc. First, let go that this is NOT your fault. Second, ask a nutritionist for advice. Third, make some feeding/pooping charts. Forth, take them back to the nutritionist and then to the doc if you don’t see an improvement. Even people at HyVee (not sure what grocery store chains are there where you’re at) have them. A nutritionist may be able to give you proper advice for your little one over a doctor. General doctors aren’t specialists. IMHO people put wayyyy too much faith in regular doctors.

    I honestly meant for this to be strictly informational, and unbiased. Please don’t take it as me bashing you in any way cause I didn’t mean it that way! I’m tired and phone blogging is not my specialty.

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    1. lol Thank you I truly appreciate it. The doctor told me to bring in a stool sample….probably the most awkward thing I’ve ever done in my life haha so anyway, I took it to the lab yesterday so hopefully I’ll hear something within the next few days as to what’s going on the the little man.


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