Attack from an Eight-Legged Freak!

After my doctor appointment I had some errands to take care of on base. By time I was done it was heavy traffic time to leave base. I’m at the very back of the line.

It was a really lovely day today, so I had my music turned up and my windows rolled down. All was going so well when suddenly I see this…this THING scurry so fast down the windshield directly in front of me! at first I thought it was inside and about to drop down in my lap so, naturally, I let out a terrified, blood curdling scream. There were two uniformed men walking just ahead and they looked back at me and asked if I was ok. To terrified to take my eyes off the spider, but HIGHLY embarrassed they actually heard me scream, I sheepishly call out, “I’m fine!” in a cracking voice that sounds like it’s coming from a prepubescent boy rather than a grown woman.

For what seemed like an eternity (but really I think it was roughly two seconds) I started at the creature, willing it to die right before my eyes when, suddenly, I had a stroke of genius! I’ll turn on the wipers with the wiper fluid! So I turned on the wipers, but I turned it the wrong way so no fluid came out. Well, this just pissed the creepy-crawly off and he headed right for my open window. With another terrified scream I pull up on the button so the automatic window would come up. I’m sweating bullets because this window is not going up fast enough. Had it been a manual window I could have had it up in no time.

Finally with window closed, but it looked like the spider may have come inside! I feel I should remind you, I am in very slow moving traffic, but the traffic is moving so I’m trying to do all this while controlling a vehicle. I’m freaking out trying to inspect to see if the creeper is inside and then he DISAPPEARED! I had a moment of panic, but then realized thats a good sign, it means he’s outside. I keep looking back at the window to see if I can see any signs of the spider, but I never do. When I got home and it was time for me to get out of the car I squealed as I got out as quickly as I could, slammed the door, then high-tailed it to my front door.

I need for it to snow now so these freaking things will leave me the hell alone!


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