My Mild Obsession

I know, it’s terrible. There’s so much more I could do other than watching Criminal Minds, but the show is just so freaking good! What’s that? Who’s my favorite character? Really? How do you expect me to pick just one?

Not gonna lie, I have a total nerd crush on Dr. Spencer Reid. He is absolutely adorable! I had a dream about him once. He and I were playing chess (that tickled me pink considering I’m terrible at the game) and I thought he and I were going to, well, you know….but instead Aaron Hotchner kissed me. Yeah it ended on a weird note.

Now, I guess I could say my favorite character dynamic is the one shared by Penelope and Derek. O. M. G. Those two. It’s like, get it on already! But I know if they do, their relationship will never be the same and I need them to be unchanging. I have hope I will find the Derek to my Penelope one day.

I will admit, I miss Gideon. He was a very strong character and I wish he would make an appearance already! I miss him so much! I liked Gideon so much that when they brought on Rossi I was less that pleased and it took me a while to finally warm up to him, but eventually I did. Never did like Ell though.

JJ and Prentiss, I wish we could have seen more of their friendship. I really enjoyed Prentiss. She pulled off the hair style I wish I could.

Seriously I could keep going and going and going…. but I won’t. I’m not the energizer bunny.

If you haven’t seen this show the first thing you need to do is crawl out from under the rock you’ve been living under, go to Netflix, and enjoy! My husband calls this show my “Murder Porn” lol. It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

Ok, I took my pause to make popcorn, now I’m going to watch just one more episode and go to bed. Unless of course they have an irresistible cliffhanger, in which case I will have an all-nighter lol.


What are Your Thoughts? Feelings? Ideas?

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