Why Do I Blog?

Blogging for an audience or figuring out why one blogs seems to be a pretty common theme today. So, in the spirit of the theme (whether this was planned or coincidental) I may as well chime in with my two shiny pennies.

So, why do I blog? For me, writing the therapeutic. It helps slow down all the activity in my brain. Writing helps me make sense of a situation and sometimes even gives me a new perspective. When I can actually see what I’m saying it makes me think, “Well, what about the other person? How did I make them feel?” It’s helpful in coping and stress relieving.

I also try to show others that whatever their struggle, they are not alone. I’ve been through a lot and I’ve dragged myself through the mud because I felt I didn’t deserve any better. I have since learned that I do deserve better. It’s an ongoing process and I still have the bad habit of dragging myself through the muck, but I’m getting better. And you can too.

I love sharing my terrifying run-ins with spiders because, on Facebook, my short stories have brought so many of my friends joy and entertainment. I love to entertain people. When I was a child I would dream of becoming a famous actress. I was in Drama all four years of high school. I did rather well, but any audition I had I either didn’t have the money for an agent or I just wasn’t what they were looking for. Whenever we finally get settled I plan on joining a theater group because though I have given up the dream of being on the big screen, I still thoroughly love theater.

Holy crap I’m so unfocused lol. Why do I blog? I love it! Ever since I discovered it I’ve wanted to be a part of it, but was afraid because who would want to read about my boring life? Well, now I’m less afraid of what others think because if I get out there enough, let others see the raw me, and give them hope, inspiration, encouragement, entertainment, etc. and it helps them then I have done something good. I have spread a little bit of light in this ever darkening world.


What are Your Thoughts? Feelings? Ideas?

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