Ssshh…. Mommy’s Clocked Out: Elcie is Finding Herself Again

First off, I’ve had a few drinks. My son is officially weened so to celebrate (actually it’s to help me keep from sobbing about my baby growing up…) my husband has been my bartender this evening. He doesn’t drink except on RARE occasions, but the man makes AMAZING beverages that I love to enjoy.

Though I am sad that my little boy is growing and no longer wants to nurse, I am also elated because as much as I absolutely LOVE the bonding, I am happy to be free to indulge in some adult time.

I am a lightweight. In my Navy days I could drink most men under the table. I’m not even kidding, I was a pro at drinking, but now, after having a two year sabbatical from drinking, I am a ridiculous lightweight and I am feeling quite chatty.

I think I am both amusing and annoying my husband. He is trying to watch Gotham and I am focused on blogging (this completely pointless blog; I may be drunk, but even I know this is rather pointless lol) and I keep asking him questions haha. I only wish I were engaged in real-time conversation because I really love having discussions with people.

I talk too much sometimes. It’s not that I like hearing my own voice, because I hate how my voice sounds, but I just love being involved. I love expanding my mind and being shown the other side of the fence that I stand on. As long as it’s respectful that is. I do not tolerate being talked down to very well. I am a fun person, at least I can be, but it doesn’t take much to bring me down from my “high”. SO, my kids are asleep, my husband has to start recalibrating to late nights and I am doing my best to help him (plus we have some…marital activities planned…) and, let’s face it, mommy deserves some freaking adult time!

For those of you who are drinking a glass of wine after a long day, have another, for me. For those of you who do not partake, this is probably the exact reason why you don’t partake lol, because I do realize how ridiculous I’m sounding, but it’s been so long since I’ve been able to just let go and enjoy being tipsy (ok, fine, drunk) and dammit, I am going to enjoy it to the fullest!

You all have a wonderful night, and never forget to take time our for yourselves. You deserve it!


4 thoughts on “Ssshh…. Mommy’s Clocked Out: Elcie is Finding Herself Again

    1. Thank you so much! I’m still quite drunk so I’m all a flutter (thank GOD for spell check lol) Really, I very much appreciate your stopping by. Take time to enjoy your self as well and I will raise a glass to you! *clink*


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