I Should be Sleeping. Why am I Not Sleeping?

I have to be up in roughly FIVE HOURS yet here I am, screwing around online, posting a freaking blog. My eyes are so tired, but my brain is far from it.

Oh, btw, I’m fairly certain I got that nasty eight-legged freak yesterday. I need to update that post.

There is not enough coffee in the world to make me human tomorrow morning. Wait, tomorrow morning is technically this morning. Crap. 😵

Why can’t I switch my brain off? I mean, even when I’m sleeping my brain is working out all the things going on in my life and I tend to get really strange, nonsensical dreams. Like once I dreamt I was a classic comic book woman like this:

It was weird. I dunno, I’m rambling. Pretty sure I’m losing brain cells as we speak. Ugh goodnight all. I’m going to try and unplug.


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