Mommy Ran Away from Home… Sorta

I haven’t actually ran away, just momentarily so I could enjoy a vente Java Chip frappachino from Starbucks. I’m kicking myself in the the butt for not grabbing my laptop, so my phone will have to suffice.

My husband has been at work all day and we just found out he’ll be going back to the night shift. I got my hopes up thinking we’d have a normal(ish) schedule and now I’ve come crashing back down to this harsh reality called Life. I’ve been getting things packed because we could be moving literally any day now, I’ve done dishes, laundry, even had a play date with two other moms. Things were going pretty well until I received my husband’s news and then the Internet shut off. Despite my nagging for two days, my husband didn’t pay the bill. Then shit hit the fan.

All at once the kids started fighting and crying, my husband, knowing I’ll be cooking dinner soon, ate a bowl of cereal, the kids were crawling all over me, my son crashed into my shin (don’t worry, it didn’t phase him till I yelped in pain), and then my daughter stomped on my bare toe while she was wearing her boots. This threw me over the edge. I grabbed the keys, told my hubby I was grabbing coffee, and I left.

So here I sit, I look like hell in my comfy pants, my husband’s hoodie, slip on shoes, and my hair thrown in the messiest bun you ever did see, but I’m relaxing and soon I’ll be home and start cooking dinner. I also grabbed some chocolate covered grahms for the kids because I know they don’t understand why I left so suddenly.

Not gonna lie, it feels kinda good running away like I did, but I already miss my crazy kids.


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