Mommy to the Rescue….kinda

This happened in early June in the morning

This morning, my daughter runs into my room in a panic telling me there’s a giant spider next to the dog’s kennel. She said, “It’s like, THIS big!” (she was holding her hands roughly 6-7 inches apart). My heart kinda stopped beating for a second, but I am Mommy and apparently that title comes with super powers…. Not wanting to disappoint her I grabbed a bottle of hairspray and headed into the play room where she said it was. Fearing this thing was a tarantula-daddy long legs hybrid I gingerly stepped into the play room. I scanned every last inch of space directly around me before I took another cautious step forth. I panic slightly because I see nothing. Finally I reach the kennel and I am now borderline hyperventilating because this thing has not reared it’s ugly head yet and then I hear a sharp squeal that made me jump so high I though I would hit the ceiling. It was my daughter, pointing and screaming at the medium sized daddy long legs creeping by the kennel.

Relieved at the fact that this wasn’t some mutant hybrid like I feared, I subdued the creature with the hairspray and swept it outside. My daughter now sees me as a brave hero and I have the satisfaction of knowing she was totally oblivious to the fact that my heart was about to explode from fear of potentially walking into a battle I was not ready for


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