Moms’ Night Out (movie)

So, I just got done watching Moms’ Night Out (highly recommend it) and I’m fairly certain someone has been watching me and taking notes of my life. At least in the beginning of the movie.

It’s a very cute, fun, exciting movie, a little religiousy, but not BAM in your face kinda thing, it’s lightly dusted with God’s love for us. If you don’t believe in God, you should still be able to enjoy this movie without the annoyance of feeling preached to. It has a very positive message for moms of all types.

And she’s a blogger. What? I know right! Anyway, very cute movie, I’ll admit in the middle it kinda made me want to lock my doors and abandon all desires of ever setting foot outside again, but by the end, the warm and fuzzies washed over me and it gave me a new perspective on things.

Don’t beat yourself up, mommy or not. We (women) tend to be very hard on ourselves and often feel as though we are not living up to expectations. Don’t live for others, live for yourself. Now if only I could pay attention to my own words I might be a happier person, but I’m stubborn and must learn things the hard way. Such is life. Well, my life anyway.

You all have a wonderful night. Time for me to unplug.


What are Your Thoughts? Feelings? Ideas?

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